Use My FREE Word Card Program to Help Your Kids Practice Reading Words with the “Tricks” They Are Learning!

Word card program can help you get your kids reading!  It is progressive in nature, so make sure you go through the decks in order, teaching any unknown “tricks” (letters and/or letter combinations that create new sounds when they appear together or in a certain position in words, like sh, ch, th, er, or, ou, etc.) as you go!  For beginning readers (generally pre-k — 1st grade), use the regular word cards.  If those are too easy for your readers, use the “advanced” word cards.  In either case, make sure you have your kids SOUND OUT the words you want them to read.  Then have them use each word read in a sentence to make sure they understand what they are saying and/or know what the word they just read means!  If you are working with the Computer Word Cards, you can pick multiple sets and shuffle them together!  Do this as often as you can!  While the Mobile Device Cards may be more convenient, the mixed sets on the computer will make your kids work harder and focus more!